Omnium Cargo & Mini-Max MKIII Fork Recall

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In 2015 we made an urgent announcement that there was a potential safety problem with the fork on MKIII Omnium Cargos. At the time we thought it did not affect the Mini-Max model MKIII. It turns out that in some rare circumstances the fork from the Mini-Max MKIII can also be weakened.

Why? Our factory had decided to machine the fork thread all the way down to the crown – against specifications. We could not see this on the assembled framesets, but we have now had a reported fork failure on a Mini-Max MKIII as well as the failures on Omnium Cargo MKIIIs. See the images below to help you identify if your Omnium Cargo is affected. If your bike is a Mini-Max MKIII then it is affected if your serial number is in this range: WJUM 1XXX J.

If your bike is one of the bikes affected then please STOP riding it immediately and contact us or the dealer you bought it from. We are in constant communication with our dealers. Omnium will be providing new forks for free to all affected owners. These forks will all be matt-black powder toughcoat.

We are very sorry for this issue and assure you that we are taking serious action to ensure this kind of problem does not occur again.

How to check your bike:

If your Omnium Cargo MKIII is affected then it will have BOTH the shown details in the pictures below or in the case of the Mini-Max MKIII have a serial number in the range: WJUM 1XXX J. If in any doubt please STOP riding your bike and contact us.


(An integrated stand plate is a thick welded-in plate for the stand to bolt through.)