Future Stock

Steps until bikes are in stock

We all know how difficult Covid has made it for small companies to stay afloat, so we’ve decided to prioritise our official Omnium dealers at this time. Our webshop will therefore be quite low on stock until further notice. The dates listed below are an indication of when bikes will be arriving to our warehouse in Denmark. Please add a couple of weeks to that for order processing and shipping.

We ask you to get in touch with your nearest Omnium dealer if you can’t find what you are after. This also applies to Copenhagen locals, our webshop stock doesn’t necessarily indicate what’s for sale at Nørrebrogade. We encourage you to visit a physical shop when possible, to ensure you get exactly what you want.

We’re doing what we can to help everyone get through this as best as possible, so please bear with us! The future is already looking brighter, full of even more bikes and happy faces!

All information on the page is subject to change, due to unforeseen reasons like delays at the production factory or a slower than usual container shipment.  The closer we get to the date, the more precise the table will be. 

PL2404 | April 8 2024

Mini V3 - Blurple 57
Mini V3 - Galaxy Black 56
Mini V3 - Intergalactic Guacamole 49
CXC V3 - Blurple 60
CXC V3 - Galaxy Black 38

PL2410 | April 29 2024

CXC V3 - Copperhead 50
CXC V3 - Intergalactic Guacamole 50
E-Cargo V3 - Glorious Grey 50

PL2415 | May 29 2024

Cargo V3 - Intergalactic Guacamole 60
Cargo V3 - Copperhead 60
Cargo V3 - Glorious Grey 60