Hyötypyörä – Omnium Mini Review

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A very nice man called Paulus Palmqvist who rides for Hyötypyörä in Helsinki, Finland, has written a short piece on the Omnium Mini. Really beautiful photos too by Kim Heikkinen.


Omnium Mini

On my messenger career there’s been couple of turning points.
First was switching from geared bike to single speeds and later fixed gears. The second was getting a rack to the front.

Now I think the third is Omnium Mini.

I’ve been riding my Mini almost a year now and I’ve been loving it. It feels and handles like my Steamroller but can haul double the cargo than my rack and the best thing is that the weight doesn’t affect on steering. Also BMX-type of feeling wants me to funny/stupid stuff on it which makes the riding super fun.

Even better news for you! Now you can get it in three sizes!!

So far it has taken easily what Helsinki weather and conditions can offer even though our last winter (luckily) was sorta easy this year (2013-14).

At first I was afraid that the 451 mm front wheel picks up every cobble stone in front of me (believe me we have that stuff a lot in Helsinki) but in the end it didn’t do that so much. Especieally on the second version with shorter chainstays it sort of hovers when leaning back.

Rearend can fit stupid enough sized tires and the fork too and everything is sized that you can find and replace the part easily.
Seatpost is 27,2, bottom bracket “English” threaded, 1 1/8 headtube, 135 mm spacing for the rear hub. Disc only (sorry if you fancy rim brakes).

So far I’ve been enjoying the bike singlespeeded and fixed and works like a charm. 15 kgs makes a bit of stand but it doesn’t really feel while you’re riding

Don’t get me going about color choices..

Bottom line is. If I was a big messenger company owner that provided bikes to its messengers my choice would be Omnium Mini.

Paulus/ Helsinki rookie 2000 and still going strong

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