Omnium 2014 – A Big Plan

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Once again a big thank you to all our customers for the positive reception of our first production models. Great interest and sales mean that we can expand production and offer even better and more varied products in 2014.

2014 will bring:

Omnium Cargo in three sizes (January)

Mini in three sizes (late July)

Mini-Max in thre sizes (late Julyl)

Plus hopefully a new Omnium prototype will start testing. There will also be new colors and small improvements on the existing frame designs.

All models will be available as complete bikes or as framekits with pre-installed headsets. Will also be stocking all parts for partial or complete builds.

The website will be updated with specifications on the bikes and prices when we get closer to January. Better specifications at lower prices. Any clever color ideas for the July batch would be appreciated – please write in!

Jimmi Bargisen