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There’s a nice piece on the Omnium Cargo bike today by Kent Clarström on the website It’s in Swedish – of course! But here’s a few translated quotes into English and you can also read the original article on by clicking this link:

“…A really cool thing with the Omnium Cargo is that the rider himself can equip the load surface in many different ways. Instead of a fixed platform or box, you can attach whatever you like with ease. Omnium Bikes offer a range of solutions including a seat, a tough canvas sling, and a range of waterproof bags up to 400 litres in capacity! And on top of that you can even have a back rack like a normal bike too….”

“…cycling was really a pleasure, the bike behaves, yes like a bike! None of the vague steering that some other cargo bikes seem to have, making it so easy to get used to! It might seem strange not to see the front wheel, but after a minute or two I forgot that and could even jump the front wheel up curbs. With a load on the front the bike was very manageable, and the strong two-legged stand meant I wasn’t worried about balance when I loaded and unloaded the bike…”

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