Replacement Thru-Axle

28,8529,00 incl. VAT

Spare Thru Axles for Omnium bikes.

Front TA (All V3, WiFi & Titanium): 15×100, 125mm long, 17mm thread length, 1.5mm pitch

Front TA (CXC V3): 12×100, 125mm long, 13mm thread length, 1.5mm pitch

V3 Rear TA: 12×142, 172mm long, 19mm thread length, 1.75mm pitch – This TA also covers the Titanium V3IR frames

WiFi Rear TA: 12×142, 174mm long, 21mm thread length, 1.75mm pitch 

Titanium Rear TA: 12×142, 167mm long, 1.75mm pitch – For V3 and WiFi


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