Foldable Cargo Box

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Our all new Foldable Cargo Box produced in conjunction with Bagpro – The box that finally does all the things we want a box to do!

Are you a dog owner? Going to the supermarket to pickup some groceries? This is THE multipurpose do-it-all accessory for your Cargo or Mini-Max. It’s great for carrying those small to mid sized loads which aren’t necessarily suitable for being strapped down to the rack on its own.

  • Fits all Cargo & Mini-Max bikes.
  • Attaches easily straight to the rack with 6 velcro straps.
  • Carries up to 60kg on its own – We always recommend using webbing under the box to add stability and life span.
  • Reflective OMNIUM logo
  • Rails which protects the box from shocks in unfolded mode, as well as it has a supporting/carrying function in folded mode.
  • Mesh pocket on the side for the optional Rain Cover.
  • 6 loops inside for attaching what ever you may desire.
  • Drain holes in the bottom.
  • Easily fits even a large dog.


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Rain Cover

Rain Cover for the new Foldable Cargo Box.

Fits over the the cargo box to protect what you may be carrying from the elements and fold in to itself to fit in the mesh pocket on the Cargo Box.


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Size when unfolded: L670 x W500 x H300mm
Height when folded: Only 4 cm!
Weight: 2Kg
Material: PVC Fabris / Polypropylene /Velcros
Box weight limit: 60kg

We always recommend using webbing under the box to add to the box stability and life span.