Omnium is now one

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As a recurring visitor you might have noticed some changes and yes, we recently moved our shop-site together with our main website. All for comfort and beauty.
To our old customers: your profiles haven’t been touched and your can login the way you’re used to it.

More beautiful things will follow!

1st official Omnium Store has opened

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Copenhagen -more specifically Nørrebro- has a new institution in its midst. The first Omnium store has opened its doors. A lot of time and love has flown into this new haven of ours and we are excited to share it with you. So hop on your ol’ two wheeler and come to be stunned by the city’s new center for acceleration and agility.

1st Omnium shop will open soon

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On February 1st the first official Omnium shop will open its doors to you and all cargo jockeys out there! Place is Nørrebrogade 200 in Copenhagen.

We invite everyone to come around and have a good time with us on opening day and beyond. Follow Facebook and Instagram to stay updated about our big day.

Omnium & ByExpressen Do Well

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It has been a summer of great championships in the bike messenger world. We have had the Nordic Championships, the European Championships and the World Championships all in the Baltic area. And we are delighted to call our friends champions. Omnium founder Jimmi ‘Jumbo’ Bargisen won both the Nordic and World Championships and ByExpressen rider Allan Shaw won the European Championships. We must have a party! thanks to all the extremely hardworking people who gave their all to organising these volunteer run events.

Keep your eyes open for scam emails…

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Recently we have been informed that several scam e-mails have been sent from something that looks like our email accounts using our staff’s names and our logo. We are investigating this but please know that we will never change bank account or ask you to suddenly transfer an amount to a new account. We will also not ask you to submit your bank details again. So we kindly ask you to delete these kind of mails and if in doubt, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Jimmi ‘Jumbo’ Bargisen

FINALLY – The Omnium Cargo Kid Seat is Out Now!

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We know you want to carry your kids on the Omnium, we know you are quite happy to tie them down with string or just get them to ‘hold on tight!’, but really, wouldn’t it be better to have a strong safe and secure seat – like the market leader the Yepp Maxi – and have a metal mount that was specifically designed for the Omnium Cargo?

Yes. It would. Good design and engineering takes a little time, but we are there and the new seat bracket is out now.

The bracket is CNC waterjet cut from 6mm aluminium and easily fitted under the rack with 4 bolts supplied. The seat is removable in under 20 seconds with a locking mount that is part of the Yepp Maxi’s standard equipment. Using an extender bar (from our webshop) means you can still carry a small elephant at the front – probably.

Buy a complete seat kit with the Yepp Maxi EasyFit chair and the mounting plate or just buy the mounting plate and source your own Yepp Maxi EasyFit seat.

Buy Here on our webshop.

Photo by Astrid

Omnium Consulting

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As a result of our drive to make the absolute best messenger cargo bike on the planet – lighter, faster, and more agile than the competition, we now offer a full custom consulting service. In collaboration with our design and manufacturing team we can provide pedal vehicles with custom paint, racks, bags, boxes, graphic design, Shimano STEPs Electric System and even complete custom frame design. All made in our own production chain and shipped worldwide. From a single bike to a national fleet that fits the image and unique needs of your business – we can do it. No compromise.

We can also provide educational and consultancy support for business studies and manufacturing. Book a seminar and learn about how a successful bike business gets started and how it works in the real world – from it’s founder. Please get in touch to start the conversation.