The Mini V3 everybody! The same fast and light Omnium as you know it, now with adjustable rocker dropouts! With the big comfy tires and trusty thru axles of the WiFi, now combined with the new super functional dropouts, we once again we feel we’ve created the ultimate cargo bike where versatility is at the top of the list.

The adjustable rocker dropouts allow you to run a variety of drivetrain options (sorry not simultaneously), ranging from external gears with a derailleur to internal gears and belt drive! Heck you can even run it fixed if you’re that type of nut! The swappable inserts allow you to chose between thru axle and quick release depending on your rear hub spacing and gear component choice. Maybe even carry a spare set to easily replace a broken gear hanger if need be.

Find the appropriate dropout inserts here!

The Mini almost speaks for itself. It’s a normal bike with a front rack on steroids!

Its manageable size makes handling familiar, and multimodal transportation a breeze. The rack is ideal for getting around with a load too big for a backpack, and perfect for putting it out front where you can keep an eye on it.

Significant loads on the Mini are a non-issue as long as they are more or less kept within the rack‘s size. The weight of the load has very little influence on steering, giving you surprising amounts of confidence, as the rack‘s support is built directly into the frame.

We like to think this is the most playful cargo bike out there!


The Mini V3 is designed around 55mm (2.15″) tires front and rear. The list of benefits tied to bigger tires like these is long, but here’s a few we find important. High volume tires run at lower tire pressure, creating a significant layer of suspension between you and the ground. This results in far more comfort and control while riding on all surfaces, making easy work of rough roads, gravel, and cobblestones. The fast semi-slick tire tread design results in a minor rolling speed penalty, but more importantly increases grip, stability, and also reduces the risk of punctures.

The frame and fork have also been updated to take 15 x 100mm front and 12 x 142mm rear thru axles. Although thru axles were first seen on downhill mountain bikes in the late 90’s, most disc brake bikes these days use them. They make perfect sense on our cargo bikes. The axle bolts through a closed hole in the frame and fork, then through the hub, and threads directly into the dropout on the other side. Most importantly, this system increases stiffness, rigidity under braking and load, and reduces the risk of incorrect installation and disk brake rub.

The adjustable rocker dropouts are available as a free replacement when buying a new frame kit, or available separately.

Choose between:

  • 10 x 135 QR with IS brake mount – for internal gear hubs or QR rear hubs.
  • 12 x 142 thru axle with IS brake mount – the standard choice for thru axle hubs like our Omnium Wheels.

Please note, all forks will be 15×100 thru axle regardless of dropout choice.

Find the appropriate dropout inserts separately here!

Size Guide

Height: 155 – 165cm — we recommend — size X-Small
Height: 165 – 175cm — we recommend — size Small
Height: 175 – 185cm — we recommend — size Medium
Height: 185 – 195cm — we recommend — size Large
Height: 195 – 205cm — we recommend — size X-Large


Mini V3 XS (49.5) S (52) M (54.5) L (57) XL (60)
STL – seat tube length (c-t) 495 520 540 570 600
TTL – top tube length (c-c / actual) 505 520 540 570 600
Stack 528 552 572 601.5 630
Reach 347 355 369 390.5 411.5
SO – standover height 743 767 786.5 815.5 844
BBH – bottom bracket height 288 288 288 288 288
BBD – bottom bracket drop 81 81 81 81 81
STA – seat tube angle 73.3 73 73.5 73.5 73.5
HTA1 – head tube angle rear 73.5 73.5 73.5 73.5 73.5
WB – wheelbase 992 1006.5 1026.5 1057 1086
A-C – axle to crown 298,5 298 298 298 298
R – rake 26 26 26 26 26
T – trail 49.5 49.5 49.5 49.6 49.7
CSL – chainstay length 462 462 462 462 462
FL – full bike length 1621.2 1636 1656 1686.5 1715.5

Components List Frame Kit

Framekit includes– Frame
– Fork
– Headsets (front and rear)
– Steering rod
– Steerer tube
– Seat clamp
– Rack
– Thru axles front
– Comes with a choice of qr dropouts ore 12mm thru axle dropouts and thru axle

The fork always comes with 15×100 Thru Axle regardless of the choice on insert.

Does NOT include spacers for headset or kickstand

Frame Specifications

Frame materialDouble-Butted Chromoly Steel Frame
5 SizesXS, S, M, L, XL
GearsFor 1x rear derailleur gear system
Seat post diameter31.6 mm
Seat post clamp size34.0 mm
Rear wheelTA Insert: 622, 12 x 142mm spacing, disc only
QR Insert: 622, 10 x 135mm spacing, disc only
Front wheel406, 15 x 100 mm spacing, disc only
Tyre clearance, front55mm with mudguards
Tyre clearance, rear55mm with mudguards
Thru Axle Rear12×142, 172mm long, 19mm thread length, 1.75mm pitch 
Thru Axle Front15×100, 125mm long, 17mm thread length, 1.5mm pitch 
Bottom bracketBSA 68mm
Headset1 1/8″ Ahead
Rack dimensions40cm x 42cm, made of Aluminum
Standard rack weight1320g +/-
Rack bolt sizeM8 x 15mm
WeightComplete Medium bike weighs 18kg
Recommended maximum loading weight including rider125kg



Cost of shipping is calculated based on your location – For a shipping price please add your desired products in the cart and use the shipping calculator; you only have to supply your country and post/zip code to calculate a price. 

After we’ve completed your order you’ll receive an e-mail with all the information you’ll need to follow your parcel via the URL that you will receive in your inbox.

Smaller products and frame kits will normally be shipped within two business days. Complete bikes are usually assembled for shipment within two weeks, depending on the workshop’s workload.

Transit times vary according to the destination.

Lead Time

E-Cargo V3 / E-Mini-Max v33 weeks.
Cargo V3 / Mini-Max v3 / Mini V3 – Sram Apex 113 weeks.
Cargo V3 / Mini-Max v3 / Mini V3 – Shimano 1×113 weeks.
Cargo V3 / Mini-Max v3 / Mini V3 – Belt Drive3 weeks.
CXC V3 – Sram Apex 11 / Shimano 1×11 / Single Speed / Apex Dropbar 3 weeks.

UK Customers – Please Note

Due to complications with shipping, we are not able to ship to the UK – please visit one of our local dealers, you can find our UK dealers here.

Import Taxes 

There may be import taxes to pay if your destination is outside the EU. Please ask your local customs office for advice.

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