Sale One-Off-Fahrräder


We continually have a rotation of bikes in our HQ; Demo, Prototypes and other frames that have built up ore needed extra care to be build up.

Demo bikes: are bikes that have been built for our showroom, fairs ore photo shoots. These bikes will have seen moderate use, but might have small chips, scratches ore signs of wear. All bikes are cleaned and inspected before they are packed down and shipped.

Pre-Loved: We don’t like seeing a good frame go to waste, so here we are offering up these bikes that have come back to us as pre-loved. All bikes have been thoroughly inspected, cleaned and refurbished with all new components and made ready to be ridden once again.

Archive Bikes: This can be different things, prototypes that never became ore that were checked upon delivery and every once in a while, we run in to frames that somehow don’t meet our standards – These frames have since delivery been archived and are now being offered up mended as archive bikes.

All bikes are built up and sold as shown, maybe the quickest way to get your hands on an Omnium.

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Zeigt alle 4 Ergebnisse