Anniversary LS T-Shirt

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Messenger Appreciation T-Shirt

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Although we are a bit late for Messenger Appreciation day (October 9th) it’s never a bad time to acknowledge and appreciate the work they do. Bike couriers around the world convert car and truck traffic to bike trips on a daily basis, relieving cities of congestion and smog. We could simply not be more proud of our heritage.
Apart from all the good that couriers are doing for the environment, we are continuously amazed by the incredible community. We have been extremely fortunate to have the support of the global bike courier community throughout the ten years of our existence. You don’t get enough credit!


Our limited run of anniversary frames is covered in logos from messenger companies from all across the globe, that use Omnium bikes in their daily work routines. As for the paintjob, we’ve drawn inspiration from a typical well-used messenger bike; the kind that’s seen thousands of kilometres in the streets, even more lockups, and course completely “sticker bombed”.  The same goes for the matching Anniversary long sleeve shirt.


The frames will initially be up for grabs for the courier companies who are represented on the frames, while the shirts are available for all.


We are proud to have made it 10 years in this industry, but we know that we couldn’t have made it without the messenger community. Thank you!


100% Polyester
Made in Portugal
MSRP: 400DKK/55€